CBD free sample: Test CBD flowers for free

We are giving away free CBD flower samples to test and try out. With just a few steps you will receive 10 grams of CBD flowers for free . You are only a few steps away from this. In order to receive the free CBD flowers, the contact form on this page must be filled out completely.

Free CBD flowers to give away

In order to get the free sample of CBD flowers , the following steps must be completed:

  1. Create a public post or review on a platform of your choice on a public profile visible to everyone. (No stories, only posts on e.g. Google reviews, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc.). In this post, be truthful about the products/services we sell through our website. Do not link to this page, but to another of CBDÍA such as a category by naming the link:
  2. Publish your post, make sure everyone can see it and copy the link from your browser's address bar.
  3. Paste the copied link of your post into the contact form below on this page.
  4. Now fill out the mandatory fields in the contact form and click on 'Send'.

10 grams of CBD flowers for free - just one more step

Once you have gone through all these steps to get the free CBD flowers , you only need to place an order with any order value. As soon as you have made this, you will receive 10g of CBD flowers for free . We will send you the free CBD flowers with your order.

Note: The receipt of the free goods is only guaranteed when the form is filled out for the first time per person. We reserve the right not to send free goods if the form is filled out several times at different times or days.