CBD Flowers Wholesale

Your B2B partner for high-quality and untreated CBD flowers.

Whether wholesale, start-up or retail - CBDÍA is an enrichment for every situation. In addition to our assistance in setting up new and small CBD shops, we also enrich integrated CBD retailers. Our team of e-commerce specialists has years of cannabis expertise. Thanks to our Europe-wide network of producers and plantations, we enjoy the highest level of trust in the industry. We focus on sustainability, quality and professionalism. From over 300 tested CBD strains, we only have the best in our shop - guaranteed with the highest quality. The cooperation with our b2b partners is very important to us.

If you are interested in a cooperation, you can reach us at Alternatively, you can fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

How can I become a CBD retailer?

There are many relevant factors to consider when setting up a CBD shop. First of all, some formalities have to be clarified. First of all, a trade must be founded in order to be able to act officially. It is crucial what name the business is given when it is founded. Large companies do not like to work with companies that are called "cannabis", "hashish", "weed" and so on. Credit companies also turn down many CBD traders.

What is particularly important when setting up a CBD shop?

With the business registration already mentioned, it is important that the products are titled correctly. Information about the Novel Food Act as well as about other legal issues concerning CBD are of high importance. Changes about product titles at the trade office are often expensive. Planning and forward thinking are essential here.

Do I have to apply for a licence for CBD products?

There is no obligation to obtain a licence for the sale of CBD products. CBD flowers as well as other CBD products can be sold over-the-counter - but only with certain designations and only to people who are 18 years or older. A licence is only required for the sale of medical products with high THC levels. Our CBD flowers are therefore freely available for wholesale, as long as they are only intended for certain purposes and consumption can be excluded.

What kind of name should I choose for my CBD shop?

We recommend choosing a reputable name. The name of a shop is the first point of contact with the brand. If it is not reputable or inappropriate, prejudices are quickly formed. In order to become a CBD dealer, a reputable external image is of great importance. In the cannabis business, which includes CBD, the issue of trust is essential. Not everyone in society is familiar with the legal cannabis trade.

Which location should I choose as a CBD dealer?

It is of high importance to choose a thoughtful location for setting up a CBD shop. The handling of CBD varies enormously from location to location. Depending on the region or federal state, the authorities are often critical of CBD flowers. A sure instinct is required here.

Is CBD flower wholesale legal in Germany and Austria?

As long as the trade with CBD flowers is carried out exclusively for commercial or economic purposes, it is allowed. Even if the flowers are used for the further processing of other products for which the intoxicating purpose can be excluded, they are legal. As soon as CBD flowers in Germany contain more than 0.2% THC, they are illegal. For this reason, trustworthy and professional partners are very important in order not to come into conflict with the law.

Can I sell CBD flowers via dropshipping?

Dropshipping, also called direct trade, is a way to sell CBD flowers in your own CBD online shop without any risk or barriers. It is an e-commerce business model where the so-called dropshipper offers goods in his/her shop without having them in stock. As soon as customers order goods in the dropshipper's online shop, they are shipped directly to the customer by the wholesaler - without an intermediate stop at the dropshipper's premises. The advantage of dropshipping is that the goods only have to be paid for once an order has been placed. There is no risk that goods bought from CBD flower wholesalers will not be sold. Furthermore, there are no storage fees, as the CBD flowers are stored by the wholesaler.

With good marketing, dropshipping makes it possible to sell CBD flowers without much effort. Dropshipping with CBDÍA as a partner is possible - if you are interested, just send an email to

How can I profit from CBD flowers as an affiliate?

As an affiliate, you advertise products and services of external companies in the course of affiliate marketing and receive a commission for each order that is placed as a result of your own services. Through successful marketing, you can earn high commissions without taking any financial or legal risk. Especially with CBD flowers it is possible to profit financially as an affiliate. The close cooperation with our affiliates is very important to us. If you are interested in working with us, please email

What are the wholesale prices for buying CBD flowers?

Prices for CBD flowers vary extremely on the market. Treated and washed CBD flowers are available very cheaply, but with very poor quality. The profit margin is very high, but this is not a sustainable way to build a business in the long run. Retaining customers is essential for companies - and this is not achieved with cheap CBD flowers, which mostly come from Switzerland. We at CBDÍA only buy high-quality CBD flowers, which have their price. Nevertheless, our CBD flowers are very popular in the wholesale trade, which stands for the quality of the flowers. Our untreated CBD flowers are grown exclusively in 100% organic soil - unique in the cultivation of cannabis plants. The CBD and CBG plants are only supported with specially produced organic substrates to ensure an optimal nutrient supply. The quality management around the cultivation, the extraction up to the finished product are not only adhered to, but exceeded beyond measure. In addition to compliance with legal requirements, quality is the most important issue - and this is the measure of all things. In order to be able to offer the purest, most natural and highest quality products, all products are tested and certified several times internally and externally by independent experts for all relevant parameters - and even more.