CBD in Hamburg

Buy CBD products legally in Hamburg

What CBD shops are there in Hamburg?

There are many shops in Hamburg where CBD can be bought. Besides CBD flowers, you can also find CBD oils and CBD hash. Unfortunately, the quality of the CBD shops in Hamburg is very limited, these are the dismal results of our analyses. For this reason, we recommend ordering CBD online. Maybe a look at our CBD flowers will help. If you prefer CBD oils, the full-spectrum CBD oils from CBDSÍ are a great choice.

Where can I buy CBD in Hamburg?

There are plenty of kiosks where CBD can be bought in Hamburg. Many of them can be found in Hamburg Altona. There is no map showing CBD shops in Hamburg, so you have to improvise. However, the quality in the CBD shops in Hamburg leaves a lot to be desired, which is why buying CBD flowers and oils online is usually preferred.

Are CBD flowers available in Hamburg?

CBD flowers are available in Hamburg. However, if you have a demand for quality and purity, you should rather buy your CBD flowers in an online shop. The quality of CBD flowers in Hamburg is very low. The situation is different with the CBD flowers from the CBDIAxCali collection. This consists of four different varieties, which stand out due to their Cali Weed quality - no comparison to the CBD flowers that can be bought in Hamburg.

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Can I legally buy CBD flowers in Hamburg?

CBD flowers can be legally purchased in Hamburg if they:

  1. Originate from certified varieties of the EU's beneficial hemp cultivar catalogue.
  2. Are only suitable for perfuming environments or for research purposes
  3. Are not burned or ingested
  4. Are not intended for external consumption
  5. Contain less than 0.2% THC
  6. Not be abused for intoxication purposes
  7. Be an original product for further processing
  8. Not be used for medical/therapeutic purposes

Where can I buy CBD flowers in Hamburg?

CBD flowers can be found in various places in Hamburg. In addition to the traditional supply in retail shops, kiosks or CBD shops, CBD flowers are now also available at many petrol stations. For one to two weeks, CBD flowers were also available in supermarkets. However, these were quickly taken out of the range again.

Where can I buy CBD oils in Hamburg?

There are various possibilities to buy CBD oils in Hamburg. However, those who have already had this experience know that the prices are clearly too high. CBD oils are not affordable in CBD shops or supermarkets, as they are far too expensive.

Why should I take CBD?

The cannabinoid CBD comes with many benefits, which is why it is so popular. There are various forms in which the benefits of CBD can be enjoyed. Besides the flower form of CBD, there is also CBD oil and CBD cosmetics. Basically, a distinction is made between oral application and topical application. These application options have advantages and disadvantages. Which application is better cannot be generalised. It is a matter of type. In addition to the flexible application options, the benefits of CBD are also incredibly diverse. We have discussed these in detail in our FAQs about CBD.

Is CBD hash also available in Hamburg?

CBD hash is not widespread in Hamburg and accordingly a rarity. Basically, CBD hash is rather unpopular in parts of northern Germany. However, this is not due to CBD hash itself, but rather to the fact that the quality of CBD hash in Hamburg is disastrous. Many residents of the free Hanseatic city of Hamburg have only seen CBD hash with a quality that can be considered very low, which is why there is a fundamental aversion to the product. We prove that this is not the truth. Our CBD hash variety La Crème is one of the most popular hash varieties.

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What CBD products are available in Hamburg?

In Hamburg, CBD is available in various forms and versions. Besides the most popular form as a flower, CBD is also increasingly sold as an oil. The popularity of CBD in cosmetics is also increasing.

Can I buy CBD in Hamburg Altona?

Hamburg Altona is considered one of the most beautiful districts in Hamburg. CBD is also very popular in the district. The problem is that there are no high-quality places to buy CBD products in Altona. There are CBD shops and kiosks that sell CBD, but residents in Altona prefer to order online, as not only the difference in quality is significant, but also the price.

The same problem can be found in other districts like Winterhude, Eppendorf or Bergedorf. High-quality CBD products are scarce - even at the main station. That's why the motto in Hamburg is: CBD products are ordered online.

Where can I buy CBD on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg?

The Reeperbahn is considered a stronghold of illegal substances and lives up to its name. However, the cannabinoid CBD does not belong to illegal substances and is legally available in Hamburg - but not on the Reeperbahn. However, the quality of CBD products in Hamburg is like buying cannabis on the street - simply miserable. To enjoy the full benefits of CBD, it is recommended to order your CBD online.