Buy THC flowers legally in Germany

With the legalisation of cannabis in Germany, THC flowers can be legally purchased

The consumption of THC flowers has become more and more popular in Germany in recent years. In addition to medical use for so-called pain patients, many citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany also use cannabis for recreational purposes. In the current legislative period, cannabis can finally be consumed without hesitation and without having to fear legal problems.

Buying cannabis THC flowers in Germany

For many, the topic of cannabis THC flowers in Germany is still uncharted territory. This is due to the fact that THC as a pure active ingredient has been banned in Germany until now. The only exceptions are in medicine or cannabis products with less than 0.2% THC - a value that is so low that it cannot have any psychoactive effect.

When will cannabis with THC be legal in Germany?

In order to estimate the exact date of legalisation of THC flowers, a look behind the scenes is necessary. Politicians assume that legalisation will take place in 2024. Until then, several draft laws have to be formulated, discussed and debated. With the legalisation of THC flowers in the Netherlands and Canada, there are already two examples of how it could work. To what extent these two examples will be used as orientation can only be speculated. To be able to experience the full taste of cannabis right now, Purple Kush flowers, which also have a THC content, are recommended.

Can I safely consume weed with THC?

At the moment, weed containing THC is not yet legal in Germany. However, this is expected to change in 2024. In order to be able to consume weed without hesitation and not get into conflict with the law, countries where cannabis is legal should be visited. For this purpose, trips to the Netherlands or Canada are suitable. As a pain patient, you do not have to visit another country for the medical consumption of THC-containing weed to fear legal problems. However, a licence to consume cannabis for health reasons is required.

How do I dry THC flowers?

The growth process of cannabis plants takes an enormous amount of time. After the initial germination, there is the seedling phase. This is followed by the growth phase of the THC flowers. As soon as this is completed, the flowering phase starts, in which the THC flowers emerge in their full glory. After this phase, they can finally be harvested. Nevertheless, the THC buds are not yet in a finished state, as they contain a high level of moisture after growing. In order to obtain an optimal consistency of the THC flowers, they have to be dried in the so-called fermentation. This phase lasts up to 4 weeks, during which the flowers should be aired daily for at least 10 seconds. Patience is therefore required when growing cannabis flowers. An example of optimally dried cannabis flowers are the Purple Haze flowers. They also contain THC, which is legal in Germany.

How do I get large and dense buds of THC flowers?

To get the highest possible density of cannabis buds, the growing conditions play a crucial role in the growth process. The cannabis plants thrive between 18-26°C. The relative humidity, which starts at 70% and slowly decreases, plays a very big role in the density and expression of the THC buds. In the last week of the four-week fermentation, the humidity should only be around 45%. The THC containing cannabis buds Orange X are a good example of large and compact buds. These can be ordered legally in the online shop.

The legalisation of THC buds in Germany

The legalisation of cannabis is one of the most discussed topics in politics. However, in order to get a clear opinion, you need to know the pros and cons of cannabis legalisation. We are convinced that there can be positive and negative effects. Which ones outweigh the others is something everyone has to decide for themselves.

What are the advantages of legalising cannabis in Germany?

  • Inhibition threshold to consume cannabis rises, as intensive education is carried out.
  • Legalisation is an effective means of combating organised crime.
  • Licensed distribution can protect consumers
  • Significantly less contaminated cannabis on the market
  • The black market will be greatly reduced, so that less tax evasion can take place.
  • Cannabis addicts would seek help more quickly under legal conditions.
  • Legalisation brings about more effective education
  • Current form of prohibition ties up resources in law enforcement and creates capacity in police and courts

What are the disadvantages of legalising cannabis in Germany?

  • The drug boom that can be triggered leads to significantly more people using cannabis, which can also lead to more damage.
  • Inhibition threshold to drug use decreases, as cannabis is officially available everywhere due to legalisation.
  • Cannabis as a gateway drug can tempt people to use other drugs.
  • Use of cannabis is harmful to health for most people.
  • Dependence on cannabis is increasing because availability is guaranteed.
  • Alcohol and nicotine already cause enough problems, another drug could cause even more problems.
  • Legalisation could trivialise cannabis use for young people
  • Larger possible proportion of psychoses caused by cannabis
  • The Netherlands as a benchmark: cannabis use has increased significantly

Why are cannabis THC flowers currently still prohibited?

Germany has stated in the coalition agreement of the newly elected government that cannabis should be legalised in this legislative period. However, in order to introduce a new law, the draft legislation must first be in place. As is well known, it can take several years until these have been drafted, discussed and implemented. In order to get a taste of cannabis, we offer the best of over 300 tested CBD flowers in our online shop.

Is Cali Weed from the USA available after legalisation?

In order to get Cali weed in Germany, it has to be shipped from America to Europe. Importing THC flowers is very difficult, even after legalisation, due to customs. If you still want to experience the quality of Cali Weed, you should definitely try the CBDIAxCALI collection. This contains THC-containing flowers that are legal in Germany.