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With the legalization, THC cannabis weed can be bought

The consumption of THC cannabis weed has become increasingly popular in Germany in recent years. In addition to medical use in so-called pain patients, many citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany also use cannabis for leisure purposes. In the current legislative period, THC cannabis flowers can finally be consumed without hesitation, without having to fear legal problems.

Buy and order cannabis THC weed from Germany

For many, the topic of cannabis THC weed in Germany is still new territory. This is evident from the fact that THC as a pure active ingredient was previously banned in Germany. The only exceptions here are in medicine or cannabis products with less than 0.2% THC - a value that is so low that it cannot have a psychoactive effect.

What are the latest updates on legalization?

Updated: 13.12.2022

After the first cornerstones of cannabis legalization were in place, the responsible Minister of Health, Karl Lauterbach (SPD), changed his mind - not voluntarily, but by force. The cornerstones of legalization decided at the end of October cannot be implemented at all, they say. " According to the requirements of European law, only concrete draft regulations can be notified," says an answer that is available to the editorial network Germany (RND). Colloquially, this means that the previous cornerstones of cannabis legalization in Germany have first been approved by the EU before a draft law can be developed. Karl Lauterbach had to take a lot of criticism for this. "It is simply embarrassing for a German health minister to announce a preliminary examination by the European Commission, which was never possible from the beginning," says Stephan Pilsinger, for example, current CSU politician It is certain that THC buy cannabis flowers will be the reality.

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Status: 01.11.2022

The time has come: the latest cornerstones of legalization have been set. The possession of up to 30 grams of marijuana should be allowed - and from the age of 18. Furthermore, it is planned that the self-cultivation of up to three hemp plants will be legalized. This is reported by the editorial network Germany (RND), citing its own information. Cannabis is no longer legally classified as a narcotic. In addition, young people under the age of 18 will no longer be prosecuted if they are caught with cannabis. This will only be confiscated.

There is also information on the specified THC values ​​from the upcoming legalization. In order to prevent "cannabis-related brain damage" as well, it is being examined whether there will be an upper limit for THC in adolescents between the ages of 18 and 21 who use cannabis. There will be no maximum limit for the active ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) from the age of 22. The possible criminal prosecution if a THC value in cannabis is exceeded is not feasible. The maximum amount of cannabis possession of up to 30 grams per person applies to anyone over the age of 18. In addition to cannabis blossoms, cannabis products in the form of capsules, sprays or drops are also to be approved for sale in the future - edibles such as biscuits or sweets with THC, however, not. Furthermore, there should be a cannabis tax in the future, which can be calculated according to the benchmark of the THC content. However, the aim should be to come close to the black market price of cannabis. Data analysis is one of the most important cornerstones of cannabis legalization. This could be used to optimize future laws.

The sale of cannabis will only be allowed in licensed cannabis retail outlets - which unsurprisingly include pharmacies. If cannabis is also sold in pharmacies, the black market can be curbed, especially in rural areas. However, the locations of all cannabis specialty shops must have a minimum distance to schools, children's and youth facilities. Few would have guessed that THC-containing cannabis would one day be legal in Germany. And that despite the fact that cannabis has been approved for medical and scientific purposes in Germany since 2017.

Can I safely order and consume cannabis flowers with THC?

Since the coalition agreement of the traffic light government, it has been clear that THC-containing grass will be legal in this legislative period. However, in order to be able to buy and consume marijuana without hesitation and not get in trouble with the law, countries where THC cannabis is legal should be visited. Travel to the Netherlands or Canada, for example, is suitable for this. As a pain patient*, no other country needs to be visited for the medical consumption of THC-containing weed to fear legal problems. The prerequisite for this, however, is a license to be able to consume cannabis for health reasons.

When is cannabis with THC legal in Germany ?

A behind-the-scenes look is necessary to gauge the exact timing of the legalization of THC cannabis flower . Politicians suspect that legalization will occur in 2024. Until then, a number of draft laws still have to be formulated, discussed and discussed. With the legalization of THC flower in the Netherlands and Canada, there are already two examples of how it could work. To what extent these two examples are used as a guide can only be speculated. In order to be able to experience the full taste experience of cannabis right now, the Purple Kush flowers are recommended, which also have a THC content.

How do I dry THC flowers?

The growth process of hemp plants is enormous. After the initial germination comes the seedling stage. This is followed by the growth phase of the THC flowers. As soon as this is complete, the flowering phase begins, in which the THC flowers open in all their glory. After completing this phase, these can finally be harvested. Nevertheless, the THC flowers are not yet in the finished state, as they contain a high level of moisture after cultivation. In order to get an optimal consistency of the THC flowers, they have to be dried in the so-called fermentation. This phase lasts up to 4 weeks, during which the flowers should be aired out for at least 10 seconds a day. Patience is therefore required when growing cannabis flowers. An example of optimally dried cannabis blossoms are the Purple Haze blossoms. These also contain a THC content that is legal throughout Germany.

How do I get big and dense buds of THC flowers?

In order to get the greatest possible density of cannabis buds, the growing conditions play a crucial role in the growth process. The hemp plants thrive between 18-26°C. The relative humidity, which starts at 70% and slowly decreases, plays a very large role in the density and expression of the THC flowers. In the last week of the four-week fermentation, the humidity should only be around 45%. The THC-rich cannabis strain Orange X is a good example of large and compact buds. These can be legally ordered in the CBDÍA online shop.

The legalisation of cannabis with THC in England

The legalization of cannabis is one of the most discussed topics in politics. However, in order to form a clear opinion, one needs to know the pros and cons of cannabis legalization. We are convinced that there can be positive and negative effects. Everyone has to decide for themselves which predominates.

What are the advantages of legalizing cannabis in England?

  • The inhibition threshold for consuming cannabis increases, as intensive education is being carried out
  • Legalization as an effective tool against organized crime
  • The licensed levy can protect consumers
  • Significantly less contaminated cannabis on the market
  • The black market is severely curbed, so that less tax evasion can be practiced
  • Cannabis addicts would get help faster under legal conditions
  • Legalization brings with it more effective education
  • Today's form of prohibition ties up resources in law enforcement - legalization creates capacities in the police and courts

What are the disadvantages of legalizing cannabis in England?

  • The drug boom that can be triggered brings significantly more people to consumption, which is why there can also be more damage
  • The inhibition threshold for drug use decreases, since legalization has made cannabis officially available everywhere
  • As a gateway drug, cannabis can be a temptation to other drugs
  • Cannabis use is harmful to health for the majority
  • Dependence on cannabis increases as availability is assured
  • Alcohol and nicotine cause enough problems, another drug could cause even more problems
  • Legalization could downplay cannabis use for young people
  • Greater possible proportion of psychosis caused by cannabis
  • The Netherlands as a benchmark: Cannabis consumption has increased significantly

Why are cannabis THC flowers currently still banned?

In the coalition agreement of the newly elected government, Germany stipulated that cannabis should be legalized in this legislative period. In order to introduce a new law, however, the draft law must first be in place. As is well known, it can take several years for these to be drawn up, discussed and implemented. In order to be able to approach cannabis anyway, we offer the best of over 500 tested CBD flowers in our online shop - all contain exciting terpene profiles. For those who prefer oils instead of flowers, we recommend the organic CBD oils from Medihemp.

Is Cali Weed Available From The US After Legalization?

In order to get Californian Cali weed in Germany, it has to be shipped from America to Europe. Importing THC flowers is very difficult even after legalization due to customs. If you still want to get to know the quality of Cali weed, you should definitely try the CBDIAxCALI collection. This contains flowers containing THC, which are legal in Germany. However, the legality of HHC flowers raises doubts.

What is Bubatz?

The term Bubatz comes from the youth language and is a technical term for the word "joint". The term was popularized by the politician Christian Lindner, who published an article on social media in which the question "When would Bubatz be legal?" was addressed. Chancellor Olaf Scholz also had to take a position on that very question.

When is Bubatz legal?

Bubatz is already available legally, but with less than 0.2% THC. If you want to prepare for cannabis legalization and have the desire to enjoy the pleasure right now, CBD flowers, which also contain THC, are the ultimate. These are legally available, which is why legal problems can be ruled out. The LA Amnesia cannabis flowers are suitable as a cannabis strain for beginners.

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