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Cali CBD L.A. Amnesia


5.0g | €8,00 / g

Product description

L.A. Amnesia - fresh aroma with strong smell and taste. Typical Amnesia! A strain that stands for the new CBDÍAxCALI collection like no other. Citrus scent combined with a hint of mango completes an exciting terpene profile. However, in order to fully enjoy the scent, you have to really press on it while smelling. But don't worry, even without pressing, the entire apartment will be scented, but hopefully no neighbors will be attracted. Maybe just get a second lock.

After testing L.A. Amnesia, this one scent in particular has stayed in my memory, reminding me of warm summer nights under skies full os stars. Exactly the evenings when you could really appreciate cannabis. 

Product details 

Growing method: Indoor

CBD content: 6.2%

THC content: 0.14

Terpene amount: 13mg/g