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Cali CBD Lucky Dude


5.0g | €8,00 / g

Product description

Lucky Dude - probably the most underrated strain of the CBDÍAxCALI collection. Everyone can consider themselves lucky who has chosen this (in)intoxicating strain. A coat of crystals, the solid bud structure coupled with this...Okay now Real Talk:

Lucky Dude scored the highest in our rating analyses. The standout feature? The smell. Full points. The only variety out of more than 300 tested varieties that got 10/10 for smell. I didn't think it was possible, but it was like being in the wrong movie. Notprmosied too little, you can be sure of that.

Product details 

Growing method: Indoor

CBD content: 6.72

THC content: 0.14%

Terpene amount: 12mg/g