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Cali CBD Orange X


5.0g | €8,00 / g

Product description

Orange X - the fruitiest CBD strain that will ever refresh you. Crisp, light green, full of terpenes and killer buds to boot. That orange note that will get you out of your bed in the morning and automatically get you off to a good start in the day.

But watch out, it's going to be so blatantly blinding when you get up, it'll make your eyes itch. Otherwise, just have sunglasses at hand already. Dazzle nevertheless not to be confused with dazzlers, such are here, promised, not welcome. Simply not normal these orange aroma flowers. Is still available here? Then pack quickly in shopping cart, otherwise crisis, because it will be safe the top seller and sell out. 

Product details 

Growing method: Indoor

CBD content: 6.02

THC content: 0,14%

Terpene amount: 12mg/g