CBD Tasting Set

€137,50 €162,50

25.0g | €5,50 / g

Product description

Contents of the CBD tasting pack:

Frame data:

  • Unwashed CBD flowers
  • <0.2% THC
  • Comprehensive terpene profiles
  • Certified strains

Key data:

✓ Sweet, earthy and citrus smelling aromas.

✓ Lab-tested legal CBD products

✓ Greatly reduced price

CBD tasting kit

Discover the CBD sample pack

For those who find it difficult to choose from our wide variety of high-quality CBD flowers, we recommend our CBD trial packs consisting of different hemp flowers at a greatly reduced price. Our CBD tasting set contains varieties from the entire CBDÍA range - exclusively the finest selection of hand-picked CBD flowers. Our premium Hash La Crème is also included for the ultimate variety. The CBD sample pack is undoubtedly the perfect way for curious beginners who want to fall in love with the CBD world. The CBD sample pack is also perfect for indecisive cannabis lovers or those looking to save money.

Description of the CBD flower tasting kit

The CBDÍA "CBD tasting pack" includes the entire assortment of the online shop. Besides all-time favourites like White Melon and the hash variety La Crème, the varieties of the CBDIAxCALI collection are also hidden in the CBD sample pack. Besides cannabis classics such as Purple Kush and Amnesia, this also includes super exciting cannabis strains such as Lucky Dude and Orange X. The latter stands out with a very pleasant taste. The latter excels with a fruity orange-tangerine scent.

When compiling our assortment, we naturally pay attention to variety, different terpene profiles, high terpene density, different flavour aromas and the natural production of the hemp flowers. The CBD flowers are all untreated and unwashed - this is the only way for every CBD lover to reach their limits.

Production of the CBD sample pack

The CBDÍA-CBD flowers come from sustainable production, which is subject to the strictest criteria. The cultivation of the untreated CBD flowers takes place exclusively on 100% organic soil - unique in the cultivation of cannabis plants. The hemp plants are only supported with specially produced organic substrates to ensure an optimal nutrient supply. The quality management around the cultivation, the extraction up to the finished product are not only adhered to, but exceeded beyond measure. In addition to compliance with legal requirements, quality is the most important issue - and this is the measure of all things. In order to be able to offer the purest, most natural and highest quality products, all products are tested and certified several times internally and externally by independent institutions for all relevant parameters - and even more.

The CBDÍA quality promise

So that we can always do justice to our customers, we work with a high quality standard - also for ourselves. However, the same also applies to our partners. Our goods come from highly controlled cultivation, which we have all inspected on site. This is the usual procedure when we present new varieties to you in the shop. The CBDÍA CBD flowers were strongly selected from over 300 different varieties according to various criteria. The same applies to our hash. We personally controlled the cultivation of only the varieties that scored the best until we had our clear result. Our producers do not use pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers in the cultivation process. This is the only way that the flavours contained in the hemp plant can bring out their full quality. In order to guarantee the terpenes and freshness of the goods, they are only packed once an order has been received. Before that, it is stored under optimal conditions, for example at a certain temperature and in compliance with certain standards. Of course, we also use humidity bags in the storage process to ensure optimal humidity or dryness. Compliance with legal standards is our top priority. To ensure that not only we, but also our customers are always on the safe legal side, we only sell EU-certified commercial hemp varieties with a THC content of less than 0.2% in our shop. These are used exclusively for perfuming environments or for research purposes, which means that they are not suitable for human consumption and are not intended for medical-therapeutic purposes.