Hash La Crème


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Product description

Frame data:

  • 24% CBD
  • <0.2% THC
  • Certified

Key data:

✓ Bubble hash

✓ Intense earthy and spicy aroma

✓ Resinous and soft consistency

CBD Hash La Crème

Discover the hash variety La Crème

The CBD hash variety La Creme comes from a selected plantation in France. What makes this plant so special? 100% focus on the finest CBD hash. So no flowers are grown and you can tell, otherwise the quality wouldn't be so high. Nowhere else in Europe have we been able to find such a professional hashish plantation. The dark brown colour in combination with the super soft consistency makes many a hashish fan dream. The genetics of La Crème have been optimised over the years - naturally derived from EU-certified commercial hemp seeds.

Description of the hash variety La Crème

The CBDÍA hash variety "La Crème" has a CBD content of 24%. The soft consistency allows for deformation. The aroma captivates with an intense smell, which meets with great popularity - not only among hash fans. La Crème is a perfect beginner's strain, with which you can feel your way to the taste. The terpene profile differs from flowers, which does not mean that it is weaker.

Production of Hash La Crème

The Bubble Hash "La Crème" comes from a French plantation where the full focus is on the finest CBD hash. Due to the plantation's one-dimensional function of growing only CBD hash varieties, the expertise in hash slabs and bubble hash is very distinctive. The outdoor plantation has the optimal climatic conditions, which are more often found in the south of France, where they have been produced organically without the use of chemicals or other pesticides. Only in this way can the cannabinoids of the hash variety develop completely freely and form their terpenic profile. The plants of the plantation were harvested and trimmed exclusively by hand. During the fermentation phase, which lasts several weeks, the harvested components of the cannabis plants can use their full potential to achieve the best possible consistency, the most intense aroma and the highest possible natural CBD content.

The CBDÍA quality promise

So that we can always do justice to our customers, we work with a high quality standard - also for ourselves. However, the same also applies to our partners. Our goods come from highly controlled cultivation, which we have all inspected on site. This is the usual procedure when we present new varieties to you in the shop. The CBDÍA CBD flowers were strongly selected from over 300 different varieties according to various criteria. The same applies to our hash. We personally controlled the cultivation of only the varieties that scored best until we had our clear result, including the French plantation. Our producers do not use pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers in the cultivation. This is the only way that the aromas contained in the hemp plant can fully express their quality. In order to guarantee the terpenes and freshness of the goods, they are only packed once an order has been received. Before that, it is stored under optimal conditions, for example at a certain temperature and in compliance with certain standards. Of course, we also use humidity bags in the storage process to ensure optimal humidity or dryness. Compliance with legal standards is our top priority. To ensure that not only we, but also our customers are always on the safe legal side, we only sell EU-certified commercial hemp varieties with a THC content of less than 0.2% in our shop. These are used exclusively for perfuming environments or for research purposes, which means that they are not suitable for human consumption and are not intended for medical-therapeutic purposes.

Discover our tasting sets

For those who find it difficult to decide through our large variety of high-quality CBD flowers, we recommend our CBD trial packs consisting of different hemp flowers at a greatly reduced price. You can choose between the CBDIAxCALI tasting package, consisting of our brand new Cali CBD flowers, or the CBD tasting package, with which you can get to know our entire range and buy it online. The latter also includes our hash varieties La Crème.