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Hash La Crème


5.0g | €7,00 / g

La Crème - Hash in the assortment?

The first hash variety in the CBDIA range - something special had to come, that's for sure. But it was also clear that we wouldn't just include any hash variety in our range. True to the motto: Either do it right or don't do it at all.

We stayed true to ourselves and waited a long time - until we landed the perfect hit.

Product description

The CBD hash variety La Creme comes from a selected plantation in France. What is so special about this plantation? 100% focus on the finest CBD hash.

So no flowers are grown and you can tell.

Why do you notice that? It's simple: If you produce such a hash variety, you can't help but focus completely on it.

It's the best CBD hash we've got our hands on so far, and that's exactly why we didn't want to deprive you of it.

Product details

Growing method: Outdoor

Country of cultivation: France

CBD content: 24%

THC content: 0.14%